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What John Brandwood is not good at

I’m working on a word to describe John Brandwood, because ‘photographer‘ doesn’t begin to do it; he’s just so much more than that to his clients

There is, however, a word to describe John’s self-promotional abilities, and that word is ‘useless’. In fact, there’s more chance of him belching at a funeral than of him blowing his own trumpet. (‘Well if I’m that bad why don’t you help me?’ he said; ergo, here I am: ‘Trumpetblower.’) And by the way, for those of you who haven’t met JB, he’d sooner die than belch at a funeral.

What John Brandwood is very good at


Project Management

Event Production


John Brandwood, if you let him, gives you options. He is ridiculously un-selfish. There are some photographers around who refuse to take ‘risks’. They rule their studio roosts and ‘control’ is their mantra. That the unsuspecting client has agreed to ship truck loads of, say office furniture (or the latest engineering widgets) from the factory, to the studio and back again is of no concern to the photographer, so long as he is in control. The mountain must go to Mohammed, you might say. As for John, he’d weigh up the job on-site and suggest ‘look, it’d be better to build a temporary studio to shoot the products right here…’ See what I mean?

John’s had donkey’s years of learning – often the hard way – what works and what doesn’t, in just about every sub-genre of professional photography and corporate communication. But I bet you didn’t realise that he has a huge well of experience in project management and event production too? Thought not… The thing is, JB could save you so much hassle; especially if you’ve been tasked with a project that threatens to take you outside your comfort zone?

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