About John Brandwood

Professional Photographer

John Brandwood has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. In that time he’s created spectacular, show-stopping images for commercial clients in almost every photographic genre; industrial, editorial, corporate, public relations, portrait and architectural. By resisting the temptation to specialise he’s brought freshness and innovation to everything he does. John Brandwood makes pictures that arrest the eye, quicken the pulse and surprise the mind by providing new insights into the everyday.

His client list is the envy of his competitors – and many clients have used his adaptable talents for years. By staying ahead of the rapidly developing photographic technology, John has kept his work contemporary and stimulating. Today he can offer video clips as part of a commercial stills shoot, whilst his skills with the computer bring to his work vitality and impact.

Unlike today’s crop of photographers cloned in the media departments of your local Metropolitan University, John Brandwood was schooled in the old-fashioned world of apprenticeship to a noted northern photographer of the time, the Hogwarts of Photography. Today Brandwood’s photography is as “hands-on” as it ever has been. His manipulation of the camera is intuitive and second-nature. His equipment is what it has always been to true photographers, a means to an end, nothing more.

John Brandwood disdains the fashionable trend of “brand photographers” for whom owning the latest camera or lens is an achievement in itself. He knows that in the hands of a jungle primate the latest Nikon or Canon can deliver sharp auto-everything pictures – but they still won’t be art. 

Above all, John Brandwood knows that in the commercial world, photography is invariably only one element in a greater whole. His empathy with graphic artists, art directors and the panoply of specialists involved in great design in print, television and the whole range of electronic media, makes his skill available and integral to the end product – and if that’s not unique, it’s a very rare commodity indeed.

Unlike many other areas of commercial photography and corporate photography continues to demand skills, expertise and experience of the professional photographer. I have been serving the requirements of corporate clients for over 30 years and have established a reputation in several specific areas of excellence